Our Services

#1 Transition & Diversion

Supports Seniors and adults with disabilities from their transition out of residential medical institutions into their own independent homes, provides advocacy throughout the process, and much more!

#2 Counseling Options

Benefits specialists work with seniors and adults with disabilities. They listen to and advocate for individuals in understanding benefits and programs, assist with paperwork and applications for benefits and programs, collaborate to problem-solve and determine which benefits and programs are available to the individual and empower individuals with the best possible options.

#3 Service Coordination

Case managers are available to assist in assessing physical, psychological, and social needs. This service provides seniors and adults with disabilities the support needed to reach their goals.

#4 Information & Assistance

ADRC workers are trained to help older adults and adults with disabilities by providing information about services, resources, and programs that can help maintain independence. Whether you are living with a disability, recently had a significant medical event, or are experiencing changes due to aging or the progression of an illness, ICADRC can help.