Imperial County ADRC

Service Coordination

Providing guidance and support through Service Coordination

ICADRC will give guidance on what long-term care supports, services, and benefits are available to help seniors and adults with disabilities navigate the supports and services options. Service coordination involves case managers assisting individuals in developing and implementing a supportive service plan. This includes assessing your physical, psychological, and social needs, considering available family members and friends who are able to assist us before looking at other options, and overseeing your progress until you are able to manage your own in-home care.

Eligibility Requirements

Be a senior (60 years of age or older) or adult (18 years old and older) with a disability and in need of options counseling.

Where can I get a referral?
Stay tune!

Program Services

  • Identifies Obstacles That Prevent Individuals From Living an Independent Life
  • Explores Opportunities for Family Assistance
  • Identifies Overall Goals to Be Achieved
  • Provides Resources and Accurate Information
  • And More!